Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy birthday!

Today is my mother in laws birthday :) So I whipped up this fun little card to honor the occassion. It seems these days I dont do much scrapbooking, mostly cards for birthdays and the smiley team, however I am beginning to prep for an upcomming craft show, more on that on friday. Crafty friends do you have some card bases done ahead of time for when you need a quick card? Make sure you come back on friday to hear more about the craft show, but for now enjoy the birthday card below....have a crafty day :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

World Card Making Day

Earlier this month was world card making day. Several companies and stores host card making day or run contests. The smikey team decided to focus on Santa cards this year. What about you muly crafty friends, did you participate in world card making day? I did, you can see mine below!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween challenge 10

We did it! We made it to the last Smiley tour Halloween challenge!  Challenge #10 was my favorite challenge as it was anything goes. So if it was Halloween related but didn't quite fit in any of the other challenges it ended up here. I ended up creating 13 cards for this one, which seems fitting since it was for Halloween :) Well my crafty friends, if you had free reign to make Halloween cards, what would you create?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween challenge 9

Spooky but not scary tree is challenge number 9 for the smiley team. This Challenge forced me to try and strike a balence between fall and Halloween. Keeping in mindvthat these cards are for kids I tried to take a less scary approach.  Have a crafty day my friends :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween challenge 8

Its the great pumpkin Charlie Brown! Challenge 8 is all about pumpkins. Speaking of pumpkins have you carved yours yet? If so what did you carve, and if not when do you plan on carving them? We have yet to carve ours, probably won't until the week of Halloween.  As for ideas, I'm off to pinterest to find some of those. Where do you find your pumpkin ideas my crafty friends?

Halloween challenge 7

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians! I'm enjoying the holiday from the comfort of my bed aka I'm sick :( thankfully I can still blog from my phone   :p The smiley teams Halloween tour is almost done, as today we move on to challenge 7! Theme for today is spooky not scary ghosts. If your following along, keep up the good work my crafty friends :)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Halloween challenge 6

Its a pirates life for me! This challenge is about pirates as you may have guessed. I was stumped at first but once i got into the pirate theme I ended up making more than I thought :) are there certain themes  that your more comfortable crafting?  What would you do if you were asked to create something out of your comfort zone, would you go for it? Although I find it challenging I love that it helps me think of things I may not have otherwise. I challenge you to challenge yourself! Have at it my crafty friends!

Halloween challenge 5

Don't you hatenitnwhen life gets in the way of crafting sometimes! Needless to say the past few days have been busy. Me and my fiance celebrated our 5th anniversary,  we also celebrated my brother in law's birthday and had a big family dinner today. So to make up for it I'll have multiple posts up today.

Back to the smiley team's Halloween challenge,  we move on to Challenge #5, witches. Since these cards are for kids I decided to have a different take on the scary witch we traditionally think of at Halloween.  You can see my cards below, hope you have a crafty day :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Halloween challenge 4

Challenge 4, party atmosphere! For this one all I thought of was costumes and candy so that's what you will find :) What thigs remind you of a Halloween party? What elements would you have added? Till next time my crafty friends

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halloween challenge 3

I suck at baking! Cooking in general actually I'm pretty new to the cooking/baking world. The smiley team's 3rd Halloween challenge was to make monster cake pop cards. It took me a while to figure outbwhat to do with this challenge. Thankfully Pinterest came to the rescue, it's my go to place when I'm at a loss for ideas. You can see my cards below, but let me know what do you do when you need inspiration?  Have a crafty day my friends :)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween challenge 2

Hi crafters,
Hope your Halloween cards are off to a great start! The kards for kards Halloween challenge 2 was about costumes. This was a fun challenge, as it got me thinking of Halloween costumes in general. How do you decide what your going to wear for Halloween?  Do you have a go to costume? Normally I know as soon as I see the selection of costumes for the year, but this year I'm at a loss. Mabey I just need to make more costume cards :p The ones i have done so far are below. Hope you have a crafty day :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Halloween challenge 1

As mentioned in my previous post, the Smiley team and I had so fun completing some Halloween challenges.  The first challenge was to create cards with a spooky but not scary haunted house theme. Here are mine, what would you.create with this theme? Hope you have a crafty day :)

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Over at Kards for kids the Smiley team is currently wrapping up the "not so spooky kooky Halloween card drive." For this drive, the team was asked to create cards that fit the following:

Challenge #1 create a spooky kooky Halloween house

Challenge #2 create a card showing your amazingly kooky costume

Challenge #3 create a monster marshmallow pop card

Challenge #4 create a party atmosphere card

Challenge #5 create a witch card

Challenge #6 create a pirate card

Challenge #7 create a card with a few or more ghastly ghosts

Challenge #8 its the great pumpkin Charlie Brown

Challenge #9 create a not so spooky tree card

Challenge #10 create a card of your choice, any theme with a spooky kooky flair.

Got ideas floating in your head yet? Hurry go craft then! Just make sure to come back and see what I created for the challenges. Hope you play along, have a crafty day :)

Euro Tour

Ever wish you could travel at a moment's notice, but then you remember you don't have the cash to do it? That's where virtual tours come in! I along with the rest of the Kards 4 kids Smiley team recently went on a virtual euro tour. We created cards to mark each 'stop' along the way. This tour was sponsered by Your Next Stamp which is a lovely stamping company, you can find them linked on tge side :) Here are my cards for the euro tour:

Hope you enjoyed! Go craft your own and have a crafty day :)


Hi everyone, I'm Faithe the creator and owner of Craftscapes! I have been crafting for about 15 years now, and thought it was time to join the blogging world and let everyone follow my crafting adventures.
I enjoy scrapbooking and card making but do dabble in other crafts from time to time when the mood strikes me. I have a Etsy shop opening soon, also called Craftscapes, where some of my creations will be up for sale.
I am also part of an amazing team called the Smiley team. The wonderful ladies over at kards for kids (linked on the side if you want to check them out), create cards, bookmarks etc. for children at the hospital for sick children in Toronto, Ontario. So I will most likely be posting a lot of cards I do for the smiley team.
Hope you enjoy joining me on my crafting adventure, have a crafty day everyone :)