Friday, January 3, 2014

Secret Santa

Our smiley team did a secret santa this year. I love the chance to give someone a surprise present that you just know they will love. I think in order to do that you have to creep or investigate. Thankfully the person I got is very active on social media so I didn't have to search very far. I did some digging and found out that they love mickey mouse. So I was thrilled when I was running errands and happened to come across mickey mouse washi tape. Then at the craft show I attended, there just happened to be a booth in my line of vision that specialized in Mickey mouse ornaments.  I am a big fan of helping out my fellow crafter so I scooped up an ornament as well. I also added little crafty tidbits I thought she could use throughout the next crafty year :) and that's how I put together this years smiley team secret santa gift.

Blue, blue Christmas

Blue christmas cards. The challenge for me on these was finding more than one shade of blue! Like how they turned out though.

Red Christmas

This challenge was great! Red is the color I think about most when it comes to  Christmas.  So I spiced things up a bit by using washi tape :)

Pink Christmas

Im dreaming of a pink Christmas?  For me not so much. The only pink I have in mind is clothes for my niece. That being said I do love pink other times of the year so this challenge was interesting.  Here are some of my creations :)

Purple Christmas

I love Christmas but usually tend to stick to the traditional green and red colors. On occasion I branch out to gold and silver lol. So this was deffinately a challenge for me. Like how they turned out though.

Merry Christmas France

Merry Christmas from France. The logic behind these cards, are Paris for the Eiffel tower and a sense of elegance. This is why i went with the more elegant looking merry Christmas rather than a French sentiment.

Merry Christmas Spain

Felix navidad!  And welcome to our next stop where we celebrate Christmas in Spain!

Christmas in England

First stop on the smiley train christmas tour is England, where one might find holiday carolers!

Nurses cards

The Kards for kids design team is awesome but our work wouldn't be able to reach the intended recipients if it wasn't for the amazing nurses at the hospital for sick kids in Toronto. So as a thank you for doing what they do and going the the extra mile to give out our cards we decided to make them some thank you for all your hard work cards. Here are some of mine.

December fun

Wow December rushed by! My recovering/reorganizing after the craft show, my fiance had his birthday, Kards for kids, secret santa gifts and of course the regular holiday run around made it such a hectic month. But new month, new year and a chance to do better :)
But before the new we have to finish the old, recaps her i come.