Monday, June 30, 2014

Pinterest dt post #114

Do you ever look at something a picture perhaps and think I have the perfect scrapbook paper for that? That's what I immediately thought when I saw the above gorgeous picture. Luckily for me it was the Inspiration pic for this weeks Pinterest design team. Using the adorable giraffe digi from Bugaboo, and the gorgeous sunset background,  this is what I created for this weeks challenge: 
I just love when things inspire you,  what inspires you when your not sure what to craft?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pinterest dt #110

 ThatWhat comes to mind when you see this: 
I think of blue, ocean, water, sailing....that was the challenge for this weeks Pinterest dt. So I went with the oceanic inspiration and the color inspiration and created this: 
Using a digi from bugaboo stamps I created this card that would be perfect for a kids birthday party invite. 
What do you see when you look at the pelican image? What does it inspire you to make? 

The stampin chef June recipe challenge

It is once again time for the stampin chef recipe challenge, you can participate from June 1st-15th via Facebook on the stampin chef recipe Facebook page! You will be entered to win your choice of two stamping chef digital stamps! This is my card for this challenge: 
I did it in honor of my fiancé's grandma that we lost a few months ago. As always the recipe challenge has 5 ingredients, what you make is up to you as long As it has the necessary ingredients. The ingredients for this months challenge are:
1) a stamping chef image
2) something blue
3) bling 
4) a flower
5) a sentiment

Can't wait to see what all you crafty people whip up!

Happy birthday to an awesome sister in law!

I am so blessed to have an awesome sister in law who I get along with and who shares my love for scrapbooking, cardmaking and all things crafty! Recently she celebrated a birthday and I was called upon to make some birthday cards. 
The first one is from her husband and their daughter. I made a purse card to celebrate her love of purses, drawing complements of my niece :) 
The second card is from me and my fiancĂ©. I realized after the fact I spelled bonne wrong...I am learning French slowly hence the typo :/ I used a fun digi from the stampin chef. 
As if her birthday wasn't excitement enough, her and her husband celebrated their 3 year marriage anniversary the very next day! So I of course made a card for her husband to give to her on this special occasion. I got the digi from an awesome company called all dressed up :) I also participated in two design teams, which will have their own posts.
So my crafty friends how much do you have to craft before considering it a crafty whirlwind?

Crafty whirlwind

Ever have one of those weekends where it's a crafty rush? I feel like I have done a lot of crafty related stuff lately, Mabey because I have started uploading things to my etsy shop that will be opening soon :) expect lots of crafty posts comming shortly...but first what I'm brimming with excitement about is that me And a good crafty friend signed up for crop and create Cornwall!!! This will be my 2nd crop (first crop and create event though) her first ever crop which just so happens to fall on her birthday! So my crafty friends, have you ever been to a crop? If so what are some of your must haves?